Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random Speak...

20th September, 2007

My office has many attractions for me, and one of them is the view that I can catch out of the window opposite my work-station...

Lush green fields... two natural lakes shimmering side by side, some yards away... and most importantly, beautiful sunsets that can be seen only from deserted places like the one where our office is situated!

Sunset of Day 1
The sunsets are different every single day... no two sunsets are the same... the hues that fill the heavens range from red to orange to pink to purple to gray to teal.... you can actually see the skies changing colours... within a matter of two or three hours, it transforms into almost a dozen different colours!!

You can also see the sun disappearing into the horizon... a rare thing, because in a Metro like Kolkata, one doesnt usually get to see the horizon... for most of us, the sun disappears behind a jungle of concrete slabs that house our fellows...

Sunset of Day 2
Just felt like sharing these pictures with you all... I truly found these sunsets amazing, and their beauty cannot really be captured on the lenses... but I still tried! I daresay, these pictures do not portray even a quarter of the beauty of the real thing – but then, something is better than nothing!!

Sunset of Day 3
Someone commented in office, that sunsets shouldn't be pictured, or watched... sunrises should be. But I think to miss something so heavenly as this is simply a sin. And the new sunset that I watch each day tells me that I am right!!