Friday, February 29, 2008

Unnamed Agonies...

27th February, 2008
With every passing moment of every passing day
That I spend with you my Angel,
I drown deeper and deeper
Into the fathomless ocean of your love.
I know I shouldn't. I know,
I should just let go - right here, right now...
I know I should set you free,
And you, me... because at the end of it all,
We'll just be two more of those
Nameless, faceless lovers...
Who trudge the dreary path of life in a vain search
Of their lost love...
And yet, I can't stop loving you,
I can't let go as yet...
Who cares about how much I'll lose
In the uncertain future, when I'm so much in love now?
Who cares about the pain I'll suffer,
When such a pure, glorius, blissful life is my present?
No. Definitely not me...
I simply can't give you up, my Angel...
I know I'll have to, one day soon enough.
But, for now, I'll pretend that one day is far, far away...
Just for now, let me hold on to you
As tight as I can. Prolong it, as long as I can.
For if you haven't still realised it my Angel,
I really love you a lot...