Friday, March 16, 2007

My Travel Chronicles - A Beautiful Temple...!

16th March, 2007

I dunno how many times I've mentioned this, but Pune is really a beautiful city! It has quite a few places which appeal to my aesthetic side, and the temple at
Sarasbaug is a very prominent one among them.

Located near Swargate, one of the less populated areas of the city, Sarasbaug is a place which fills the mind with peace and harmony. It is, primarily, a very famous temple (picture below) where Lord Ganesha is worshipped. The temple is no doubt beautiful, and it is said that whatever you pray for in this temple, comes true - but what captures the heart, soothes the eyes and caresses the soul is the complex...

Sarasbaug is more in the nature of a park - greenery all over, with a lake full of water lilies and lotuses among the tall trees... It makes a treat for the serenity-starved soul! It's a place where I always find my worries vanish into nonenities, and life suddenly seems so beautiful! I mostly like to visit the place in the evenings (the pic below is one taken in the morning), and if I'm worried or upset or restless about something, then it simply is THE place to be in for me... trust me, when the dewy grass tickles your feet and invites you to play with them... when the green, green trees wave their branches and beckon you to speak to them... when sweet blossoms of all possible colours look you in the eye and tell you life is beautiful... and when the cool breeze ruffles your hair and whispers melodious endearments to you - you are bound to forget all the bothersome details of life. You will tell yourself to wake up to the beauty of life and live it up fully, as much as you can!

Sarasbaug makes me feel totally at peace with myself... And if ever any of you reading this visit the place, I believe you will not be disappointed either!! So then, happy tripping...!